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Short Term Seasonal H2B Work USA

The H-2B Visa USA program is designed for both students and non-students who wish to go to the U.S. The H2B program gives individuals the chance to experience workplace environment in the United States for a period of time which is specified by the respective company the individual wishes to work for. The program also lets the individual stay and work with different companies in the U.S. for three consecutive years.

The H2B provides an immense number of opportunities to the candidates. They get to experience the diverse U.S. culture, enhance their social circle, understand the working a international workplaces and improve his/her English skills.

H-2B Visa Eligibility

  • The candidate must be above 18 years of age.
  • The candidate must be prepared to do unskilled jobs.
  • The candidate must have basic education of English up to Intermediate level and must be able to have a conversation in English.

H-2B Program Process

  • The U.S. Company applies to the U.S. government to grant work permits for seasonal H2B workers.
  • The company will then decide and specify what type of personnel they require.
  • H2B workers will apply for the job openings.
  • If accepted by the company, the candidate will be provided a work permit to the U.S.

Things to Remember:

  • This process is very long and usually takes 6-7 months for an employer from start to finish.
  • Each H-2B worker must have an offer of employment from a US company before they can apply for the H-2B visa.

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How Can EA Help?

Exchange Abroad matches applicants with H-2B positions available through the companies we work with. The types of jobs are typically servers, cooks, housekeepers, kitchen assistants, and landscapers. Our employers are located all over the country and range from country clubs to landscaping companies to ski resorts.

Things to Remember:

  • The final decision regarding the acceptance of a candidate depends on the company. Thus, EA does not guarantee that a certain individual will get the job he/she wishes to acquire.
  • Along with that, thousands of H2B applicants apply every year so it is quite impossible for the company to interview each individual who applies.

Increase Your Chances of Getting an H-2B Job?

  • Carefully plan out your resume so that it clearly points out your past experience in relevance to the H-2B related position you are applying for.
  • Make sure you carefully lay out all the minor details in your resume regarding the job. For example, if you are applying for a front desk position, point out your past experience, type of companies whose front desks you have handled, clerical work details etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding H2B Program

How can I identify myself as a suitable candidate to the U.S. companies and gain a working visa? How can Exchange Abroad help me with this?
If you come across a job opening that suits your requirements, contact the company and convince them to reach out to Exchange Abroad directly by submitting a request to extendh2b@exchangeabroad.com or call EA on the phone number provided on the website. Also keep in mind that the paperwork process takes up to six months for H2B workers.

How long does the H2B visa last?
The H2B visa is given out twice a year i.e. seasonal visas in both winter and summer. A normal H2B working visa lasts for up to four to ten months. Once it expires, the individual can reapply and extend the visa to work with a new employer for up to three years.

How to apply for H2B work visa?
In order to apply for the H2B visa, visit the Exchange Abroad website and submit the application form along with your resume.

What documents must be ready for the H2B process?

  • A valid passport along with past travel details
  • Current visa details
  • A detailed resume/CV including past experience

Are there deadlines for H2B application?
There are no specific deadline dates regarding the H2B application. However, considering the seasonal visa procedure, it is safe to submit applications from June to August and from December to March to avoid any last minute problems.

How to come up with an effective H2B resume?
EA offers a “Resume Template” on the H2B website to help individuals make an effective CV. Fill out the answers to the questions in the template to create an effectual resume or CV.

What happens after the H2B application is submitted?
The application will be reviewed by the Exchange Abroad officials and the individual will be contacted in case any amendments would be needed in the application or resume. Once the application is approved, the individual would be added to the list of applicants and would be contacted in case any suitable job openings are available for the individual.

Why have I received no updates regarding my application?
If you have not yet received an update from Exchange Abroad, it probably means that no suitable jobs have opened up yet that match your resume and requirements. Along with that, thousands of candidates apply each year for the H2B program so it is quite impossible for Exchange Abroad to contact each individual or guarantee him/her a job.

When can one inquire about job openings? 
Since the program is seasonal, it is best to contact H2B from December to March or from June to August.

What happens after I am selected for the job?
Once you are selected, H2B will contact you. It will also help you with the required paperwork, travel details and will inform the employer about your arrival details.

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